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100 ml the same amount of one glass of wine


Wine tasting tube – Virtual tasting kit

Benefits for wineries and spirits makers include an innovative marketing opportunity as a tool for virtual tasting in Wine tasting tube where it is possible to reach more customers and present unique taste experiences through virtual tasting to a larger audience which can be spread across several countries. Wine in tube is a easy way to send Virtual tasting kit / samples to customers all over the world.

Our tubes can be used by anyone who wants to fill, seal and sell tubes with various contents. They are available in sizes 100 ml and 60 ml.

To ensure our high standard and quality, all our products are produced in the EU with associated approved certificates, including ISO 7086-2: 2000 for storage of beverages and food. Wit Deluxe is your guarantee for glass packaging in European quality. This is to ensure the optimal taste experience of your drinks and wine in tubes.

Wit Deluxe produces exclusive packaging solutions / gift boxes so that your wines are presented in the highest quality packaging.

Wine tasting // Home wine tasting kit - Tasting Collection

tasting tube

Virtual tasting kit - In a time with hygiene and covid-19 in the forefront

Virtual wine tasting kitsHYGIENE AND Covid-19

In a time with hygiene and care in the forefront, Wine and Drinks in a tube is the perfect solution for tastings or other events where customers, guests or business partners are offered an extraordinary taste experience. Wine in tube is a easy way to send virtual tasting kit / samples to customers all over the world. The tubes are available in 60 ml or 100 ml.

Flaconwit - Wine sample box

Wine sample box

Present your products in a beautiful box with space for 3 or 5 tubes where the customer experience already starts with the visual at the opening of the mini wine sample box collection.

Tasting sets with tubes is a amazing gifts which creates the opportunity to provide innovative, high-quality gifts. A gift you will be remembered for because it is beautiful, original and stands out..

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Tasting Collection can contain: 





Olive oil





Recommended shelf life

Wit Deluxe recommends an approx. shelf life of 6-18 months depending on the contents of our tubes. The shelf life depends on the quality of the wine, spirits or other products you the customer fill in the tube and how the tube is stored after filling and sealing the cap.

Our Tubes are produced in the EU with applicable approved certificates, including. ISO 7086-2: 2000 for storage of beverages and food

Wine-by-the-glass // Mini wine tasting kit

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